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Ох, сколько времени я пытался осмыслить эту вселенскую несправедливость:

"The special area of "Etc" is used for some administrative zones, particularly for "Etc/UTC" which represents Coordinated Universal Time. In order to conform with the POSIX style, those zone names beginning with "Etc/GMT" have their sign reversed from what most people expect. In this style, zones west of GMT have a positive sign and those east have a negative sign in their name (e.g "Etc/GMT-14" is 14 hours ahead/east of GMT.)"

Из какой-то презентации циско на тему NAT64 в ASR:

" - Today internet has almost 415554 IPV4 prefix which is already challenge to maintain in BGP table, how will IPV6 help in this direction, will IPV6 worse the situation ?

- Yeah

no kidding...

That is rough.

LISP helps some, but honestly, it going to get much worse "

"After an analysis we conclude that the checksum will fail to detect errors for roughly 1 in 16 million to 10 billion packets." http://www.ir.bbn.com/documents/articles/crc-sigcomm00.pdf

"In sending approximately 10 TB of "random" datasets, we observed 8847668 UDP checksum errors and 121 corruptions of the data due to mis-associated fragments."

"You may curse the CLI, but if you used it prior to 9.21, you probably thank us for adding the functionality that exists today."