10 самых неестественных причин обрыва оптики

В 2011 крупнейший мировой провайдер Level3 публиковал рейтинг причин обрывов оптики в их сетях. Да, это жестоко: "people using our fiber cable for gun practice"




коментарии там полны шикарных историй:

" During the “Big Dig” in Boston, contractors were awarded early and on-time bonuses for meeting deadlines. Utility contractor was going to get a $100K bonus for finishing that day. Backhoe comes across a cable bundle with 4 fiber cables inside. Driver calls the Project Manager. Stopping the work would put them into the next day and they lose their bonus. Project Manager looks up the regulations and reads that cut cables were $2500 a piece. Project Manager calls the driver back and tells him to cut the cables and finish the job."

"we had a problem with a link that ran across northern Russia. We demanded that our provider tell us what was taking so long to fix it. It turned out that winter up there is so cold that vehicles aren’t reliable – when that cable gets cut they dispatch a tech driving a *dog sled team* to repair it… I couldn’t even make this stuff up."

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