Знания против рецептов

Это здорово, когда ты обладаешь фундаментальными знаниями и способен генерировать "рецепты".

"But there were always a few students who were looking for quick “recipes,” asking questions like “How many areas can you have on a single router?” My initial answer was always “It depends,” and then I would try to explain that the number of areas a router can support depends on (among other things) the speed of its CPU, the size of each area, the stability of the areas and the load placed on the router (assuming that it wasn’t a distributed platform). The students who were really trying to understand OSPF pretty quickly grasped these ideas, but the recipe seekers were (obviously) not happy until I had served them the canned answer provided by some Cisco document. (The “correct” answer in those days was “three,” in case you didn’t know.) The next obvious question was “How many routers can you have in an area?” – by which time I usually sighed and answered “Fifty.”"